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The vinyl for "Sliding Off the Edge Of the World" is a heavy 180 grams and was cut but the great Doug Sax (R.I.P.) and Eric Boulanger of The Mastering Lab., California. Doug was a legend himself in the field of vinyl mastering; having mastered Dark Side of the Moon for Pink Floyd, and worked with legends like Miles Davis, The Doors, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Jarreau, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Sting, TOTO, and INXS. We were honored when the people at The Mastering Lab. chose NuBorg's album as their first ever indie feature on their site, especially since sound quality has been a major priority in the production of the album. After the recent passing of Doug Sax The Mastering Lab closed their doors, but we're happy to see The Bakery up and running for those into music production and mastering, and to see NuBorg's album featured also on their site.

High quality streaming is recommended in order to enjoy all subtle sound effects on "Sliding Off the Edge Of the World". Good loudspeakers or headphones may likewise improve the listening experience dramatically in comparison to the speakers of a phone or a laptop. 


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